Playing table tennis is good for the elderly, slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s disease


Table tennis sports have been shown to help older people stay in shape and slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Table tennis is the sport of everyone, it has been popular worldwide. The benefits of playing this game come from low movements, coordination and concentration between hands and eyes. This is very beneficial to health.

A new study shows that playing table tennis will help slow Parkinson’s disease progression, a disease due to progressive neurodegeneration that has no treatment.

There are currently more than 10 million people suffering from Parkinson’s disease worldwide and this number is still increasing. In the morning, researchers from Fukuoka University in Japan said that playing table tennis could reduce tremors, stiffness and slow motion and improve balance.

Parkinson’s patients are currently being treated with medication to relieve symptoms of stiffness and poor muscle control, but the side effects are nausea and hallucinations.

Other studies on the disease also show that regular exercise like yoga, jogging, and boxing can improve patients’ quality of health in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

Hong Kong’s Parkinson’s Research Foundation published the notes of a 3-year study showing that 5 exercise sessions per week improved the balance by up to 15% and improved the ability to walk and speak. up to 18% for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

To date, Japanese researchers have added table tennis to the list of beneficial activities.

A researcher from the prestigious University of Japan said table tennis is like other indoor and outdoor sports like badminton, shuttlecock. They are used to improve health, resistance, reflexes, and good for the brain.

He said: “Will Parkinson’s patients also benefit from playing table tennis? The results were truly amazing, the patients showed signs of improvement and the great thing is that table tennis is a sport for everyone, everyone can practice without spending a lot of money”.

To conduct the study, this Japanese university invited a group of people with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease and have old age, after middle age.

Accordingly, the participants were allowed to play table tennis for several months, once a week. Each session lasts two sessions. They are guided by coaches and trained during that time. They have then reassessed symptoms once after three months of participation, and once more after the study ended.

Research results with groups of participants 3 months and groups of 6 months. They have made quite good progress in things like dressing, hand chewing, writing, walking. Notably, significant progress was made in facial expressions, posture and movement speed, reduced stiffness and hand tremor.

Five surprising benefits of table tennis:

  1. Activation of brain function;
  2. Developing hand-eye coordination;
  3. Burn Calories;
  4. Improve reflexes and balance;
  5. The risk of injury is low.

Table tennis has so many benefits, so why not practice table tennis?

Visit the ping pong store near you immediately to consult and listen to the store staff to advise you on the essential equipment and tools for table tennis for the elderly.

Note before going; you should find out in advance on the internet or refer to people who have been playing table tennis that you are familiar with so that they show you which shops are reputable.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Your Car?

The best car vacuum cleaner is a device that is very comfortable to use but finding the right one is not easy.

Aside from the type (with or without bags, with or without yarn), the search makes you consider many aspects before buying one.

Compared with a home vacuum cleaner, in fact, the ergonomics and handling power are essential because you find yourself working in a closed environment, limited space, and many obstacles.

What is the best car vacuum cleaner?

When you have to buy an automobile vacuum cleaner, ergonomics and handling are important because you have limited freedom of movement: you have to move from door to door and change different positions. For this reason, the vacuum cleaner with a compact design, with a comfortable handle designed for a secure hold is the most suitable choice.

Weight and size are also a feature to consider. You need a vacuum cleaner that’s light and comfortable on the go, small and powerful; For this, you don’t necessarily need a machine with stainless steel parts. Then consider the energy consumption that meets the specific regulations that the devices must take into account: in fact, what manufacturers boast is that the high suction power indicates the power consumption and so how much of your equipment will weigh on your electricity bill.

The devices that you can find on the market are of three types. There are cordless electric vacuum cleaners, the type that attaches to a lighter’s 12-volt outlet that you can always carry with you, and the last one, the cordless type with a rechargeable battery.

Tips for choosing the best vacuum cleaner.

The best car vacuum cleaner is powerful and portable. Sometimes these two features are contradictory.

You must consider choosing your new car vacuum cleaner, based on your specific routine.

Powerful car vacuum cleaner

The suction power of a car vacuum cleaner is one of the basic parameters in choosing a device. A powerful automotive vacuum cleaner will be able to suck any debris stuck in the fibers of carpets and car seats.


Just like ergonomics and manageability, weight is also a basic trait to consider when choosing a device.

As we predicted in the previous section, car cleaning is a complex operation involving various movements, so a lightweight and easy-to-move vacuum cleaner is sure to be appreciated in the process. car cleaning process.


Evaluate the device’s power supply! You might be wondering between three types of power sources for your car vacuum cleaner:

1. Wired car vacuum cleaner:

This device can obviously only be used if connected to an electrical outlet, very convenient for those who have space in front of the house or garage large enough to be able to clean the car inside.

2. A car vacuum cleaner with 12-volt cable:

These devices are equipped with a cable that can be connected to a 12-volt outlet, to clear out the vintage lighter socket that we have on the car or on a camping machine.

3. Battery-powered car vacuum cleaner:

The cordless car vacuum cleaner is really comfortable to use, you won’t have an annoying cord that restricts your movement and thus you can move around freely from corner to corner of the car.


When buying your new car vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to rate the accessories included in the package of the selected model.


Now that you’ve read through the end of this article, you’ve read everything you need to know and can choose the best car vacuum cleaner.

No longer will you have trouble choosing a car vacuum cleaner knowing the key features. (1.)

All you have to do is buy the model that best suits your needs.

What are you waiting for? Go right away and buy the vacuum cleaner of your choice and… you will see brilliant results on your car!

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