10 Important Facts About Bearded Dragons

Nowadays, bearded dragons are famous pets in the internet era. their ‘smiling’ pictures were shared on social networks and youtube; beardies are shared by doing all the weird and hilarious things.

BeardieCan Change Sex

Definitely yes. beardie can change their gender. now, this is not on the command, that’s not what your man will do, but it still happens.

Hawaii Prevent This

You can find bearded dragon breeders in whole states in America without Hawaii. 49 out of 50 states where you can keep a bearded dragon for pets.

Bearded Dragon Waved

I am so excited when seeing it. you will wonder about this, they just raise their hand and start waving. Why do they do that?

When they are together, the beardies immediately tried to build a social order.

There will be someone with a remarkable beardie, which asserts himself above everyone.

And you know, waving hands is a way of showing submission without violence or aggression.

They Are New In Us

While beardies are amazingly famous pets, they are generally new in the united states.

They weren’t acquainted with us until the 1990s.

It’s interesting that another creature can turn out to be so broadly adored in such a short measure of time.

I additionally think that its odd that new pets are being found these days.

This is genuinely an exceptionally enormous world that is still brimming with unfamiliar things!

Produce Venom

Beardies have been found to discharge an exceptionally mellow venom.

Although it’s innocuous to people, it’s dangerous for normal bugs.

So before enjoy beardie time, you need to come clean with them.

Run On 2 Legs

Despite the fact that our flaky little companions regularly hurry around down on the ground, they can run on simply their rear legs!

Because they can’t control their own internal heat levels, standing fully operational on two legs uncovered a greater amount of their body to the air as they run.

This keeps them cooler along these lines empowering them to run for longer separations.

Teeth Can Grow Back

In contrast to their tails, their teeth can develop back, which is so crazy.

This is a customary occasion that occurs in an assortment of circumstances.

At the point when it occurs, the teeth develop directly back.

So on the off chance that you notice a couple of missing teeth on your beardie, never afraid. It will come back instantly!


I am unquestionably not suggesting throwing your beardie in a pool. really, when I have seen them swim, they are continually causing a frantic race to the edge so they can get out.

They Change Color When Shedding

Shedding is something that beardies accomplish for their whole lives.

Because their skin can’t extend or develop, they shed skin and develop new skin to oblige their evolving body.

They Can Sleep In Standing Up

One of the best scenes I really enjoy how our beardie chooses to rest every night.

Now and again they tunnel down in their substrate in a corner.

On different occasions, they twist up in their cover-up. They spread out in their lounger.

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How to Make Your Camping Trip a Memorable Experience

camping gear

Learning about a safe camping experience is extremely necessary for you to make a truly meaningful and memorable journey.

  1. Necessary equipment

Tents are the first thing you must think of. Specialized tents, along with sheets, sleeping bags will help you sleep better, not afraid of forest mosquitoes, rain, and sun.

To take care of meals in the forest, do not forget to bring ready-to-eat and canned foods such as bread, sausage, canned meat, shrimp, shrimp noodles, confectionery, bottled water …

If you want to light a campfire you need to bring more glass with your stove, lighters, pots, pots, freshly prepared meat at home …

For entertainment, you can bring a camera, a music player, etc. Also, download pre-installed navigation software and manuals for smartphones if available for backup.


  1. Clothes

camping clothes

When camping in the forest, do not bring along casual clothes. You can have beautiful photos but are easily entangled with trees, tears, mosquitoes/bites. When it gets windy, you easily catch a cold.

The advice for summer campers is to wear light, sweat-absorbing clothing, wear a few sets to change. Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or scarf in case the weather suddenly turns cold. Raincoats, umbrellas are also items to carry because, in the forest, it may rain unexpectedly.

Never choose heels, even low heels when camping in the woods. Should choose soft fabric shoes, with foam, nails to grip the road more firmly.

  1. Medicine


Medicine is one of the items that can not be ignored when camping. You should bring a small box with all kinds of cold medicine, anti-colic, go outside, bandages, red medicine, antiseptics, wind oil, antibiotics …

In particular, since there are often mosquitoes in the camping area, do not forget to bring the cream to avoid insomnia from being burned all night.

  1. Team Leader

Outdoor Tripping

A team leader should be appointed to take responsibility for the whole group. This person will be tasked with linking the team members as well as assigning specific tasks for each person. For example: who will bring food, who holds water to drink, who manages tents, camps …

The team leader is also responsible for managing the members, connecting people, and giving the necessary information


That’s all the camping experience I want to share with you. Hopefully, the above useful information will help you know the essentials when camping so that you can be better prepared. Wish you have a safe, convenient, and fun picnic

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Finding A Wholesale Supplier For Men’s Apparel

mens clothing store

Longing to have your own clothing store where a person fully embraces your passion for clothing in Wólka Kosowska? Starting up your Clothing Store may a challenge to you especially prone to have a limited budget. But thanks to the benefits of wholesaling! You can now work on getting your clothing products at a value that entirely lower compared to those you usually saw in the mall because of retail clothing stores.

If you are looking for a reputable and best quality men’s clothing wholesale address in Wólka Kosowska Hurtownia odzieży męskiej online w wólce kosowskiej for your clothing store. Please contact Wolkafashion.pl immediately. Here you can choose from a wide variety of men’s clothing products with the latest designs and designs.

These the actual top great why buying from wholesale women’s clothing is favorable. More than keeping yourself dressed to the trend, additionally, you will find because of a chance to make lucrative revenue should where you will venture outside in the clothing retail field.

Always keep the mind open for the opportunities that will be brought about by the clothing landscape. Make a business out pc. Once you get access to every one of fashion businesses, you will be hooked free of charge not a humdrum industry in order to. The variety of fashion finds like clothing, accessories, and other lifestyle implements will get you going while it is never exact each second.

To complete the measures in starting a wholesale clothing trade you should really decide if where you can expect to sell your goods. Can you sell it online or incredibly? It is up to you if where you gonna sell your goods, ensure that marketing it efficiently and the right way.

What for making your products stand from the associated with the rival? Is there a particular niche market that a person going designed for? eBay gets over to have a look at.5 million visitors to its site, use has thousands upon thousands of possible vendors at any given precious time. What will make financing? come to a person for their clothing instructions?

Minimum order requirement – put in mind to look at the liquidators which do not entail minimum order stipulation. It’s a familiar thing that clothing wholesalers establish minimum order amount for each order. There are several that offers buying by the package, for example, half a dozen similar pieces similar color however in different proportions. This will let you invest in about $25 to $75 per platform.

Add accessories to your lineup of products. Many suppliers will offer wholesale handbags, jewelry, various other accessories together with clothing pieces. Make sure your accessories share the same feeling once your clothes. However, suggest how customers can pair up different items from your collection and encourage them to buy increasing.

You can refer to the best wholesale clothing products here: https://wolkaonline.pl/

Research the well. Find the retail prices for products that you wish to resell the device will permit know purchasing price you in order to be payable upon the items when buying them internally. Compute the price you have to pay in order for you to create a compelling income a person has to resell this. Make your computations handy that you’ll just remember to stay the actual right track when shopping wholesale.

Often time’s people can go into the wholesale clothing business with no idea what direction dealerships will have taken. Follow these suggestions and get the most carbohydrates out of your business.

How to Paint a Dresser to Light up Your Room

How to Paint a Dresser to Light up Your Room

Nowadays, indoor furniture is made from different kinds of materials and comes in thousands of designs. A dresser is used not only for storing clothes but also as a decorating object.

However, what will you do when your dresser is getting old and out of time? Will you throw it away? If you have that thought in mind, then think again. Today we’re going to show you how to paint a dresser to make yours look newer and less monotonous.

Keep reading till the end for thorough know-how.

5 easy steps on how to paint a dresser 

Step 1: Get the right prep materials and tools

The first step in painting a dresser is to acquire the right tools. What you need is:

  • An oil-based primer and water-based paint (or chalk paint)
  • Paint remover (you may need the paint stripper for wood furniture)
  • A paintbrush, a mini foam roller, a spray gun (choosing the right type of paint sprayer for furniture is important for an easier paint job), a screwdriver, 150-grit sandpaper, and tack cloth.
  • Safety goggles and latex gloves.

Step 2: Cover the floor

Covering the floor with a tarpaulin or a table cloth is a must as it helps to prevent paint from dripping on the floor. Then, don’t forget to place your dresser on blocks to access the corners more easily.

Now the preparation is done, let’s get down to work!

Step 3: Remove all hardware before sanding your dresser

If you have any hardware on your dresser, you need to remove every piece of it to avoid missing any spot. Next, sand your dresser before painting it to remove any leftover finish and smooth out the woods. This part is considered a must-do because there might be scratches or gouges on the dresser.

Don’t forget to put on safety goggles mask and latex gloves to avoid wood chips in contact with the eyes and nose. Sand the surfaces with the sandpaper in vertical movements. Remember to press it with just enough force just to rough it up a bit, or you’ll risk damage the wood.

Step 4: Clean your dresser

Over the years, the cabinet slots might be covered with dirt, dust, and bacteria. First, you must clean your dresser’s surfaces with a cleaning solution and tack cloth. After that, rinse them with water and a soft cloth then dry them at once.

Step 5: Prime and paint your dresser (outside and inside; vertically or horizontally)

First, prime the surfaces with an oil-based primer using a mini foam roller and wait for it to dry. Once it’s fully dry, you can start painting right away. There are two ways of painting a dresser:

With a paintbrush

Apply coat by coat on the dresser using a small paintbrush to cover small corners. Start from the outside where there are curved parts, then use the roller to paint the flat surface of the dresser. Wait a few hours for it to completely dry then you can apply the next coat.

With a spray gun

With a spray gun, for the first coat, what you’re gonna do is spray evenly on every surface. Don’t try to cover up any areas if you still see the original color. Remember to spray paint the dresser vertically and horizontally to maximize color coverage.

Then you let it dry and then come back and put on the next coats until you’re satisfied with the color it presents. Finally, if you want your dresser to be completely protected, you should apply a few coats of polycrylic after you’re done painting it.

In Summary

Do you have a dresser that’s really in need of a makeover? Then we hope this tutorial on how to paint a dresser would be helpful to you. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for our next posts!

Strict Things Asian Moms Need to Do After Giving Birth

asian mom

For some of the countries in Asia, giving birth is the time that moms are weak and need to do some extraordinary things (or treatments). In their opinion, moms’ health will be improved for longer in life if they follow these ways. It may be interesting. Today, Ms. Ngan, a member of the thebestbabyswing.com team from Vietnam, who works in mother and baby healthcare for 21 years, will share the story with us.

According to Ms. Ngan, Vietnamese moms do not use cold water to wash or shower to keep the body warm. The time of having a shower should be quick and should not have a bathtub.

After that, they use a sauna treatment with mint, perilla, orange skin, pomelo skin for five to ten minutes, one or two times a week. This way helps the body to excrete waste through sweat while also warming the body.

For nutrition after giving birth, moms should not eat salty food, fermented food, or raw foods like sushi to limit infection or pathogenic parasites.

It is essential to keep the body warm because moms lost a lot of blood after giving birth. Even some of the ancient advice is keeping the warm coal under the bed to maintain body temperature. But now modern Vietnamese people think it is not good to do like that because CO2 from the coal is not suitable for moms and infants.

In Vietnam, since a long time ago, it is necessary to keep infants near moms; they usually let the infants sleep with moms to care and feed at least six months when the mother can return to work. After that, the babies still be close to their parents until they are old enough to have private space. The main reason is the lack of space in Vietnam, and ordinarily, many generations live together in one house.  It also helps explain close emotional relationships between family members, and the moms usually get help from the other family members with the babies.

But nowadays, when the modern Vietnamese do not have conditions to live with or close to their parents, they try to teach their babies how to be independent like Western moms usually do with their children.

For example, they do not follow some tips anymore, return to everyday life as soon as possible. They train their babies to sleep in a different place, and parents let their children use baby swings so they can have more time. Besides, baby swings can also help them calm their infants easier with various music functions, vibrant, and swing. Yes, they are saving a lot of time and effort.

Postpartum care is a continuous, important for both mothers and babies; moms need time to recover their health. It is essential for mothers to wisely choose scientific abstinence and ask advice from their doctors to avoid causing adverse health.

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