How To Choose Fishing Line Fluorocarbon – 5 Important Factors

How to choose fishing line fluorocarbon - 5 important factors

As a professional fisherman or just an amateur who is passionate about fishing, you probably already know about fluorocarbon fishing lines, right?

However, do you know how to choose a fishing line fluorocarbon that suits you the most? Hopefully, with this article, you can gain more knowledge to have a wise shopping decision.

How to choose fishing line fluorocarbon

Nothing is perfect; only the things that meet your needs are the most suitable items. Let’s learn how to choose fishing line fluorocarbon now!

Tensile strength

The tension of the string lets you know that if it is strong and durable enough to pull the fish. Therefore, this factor is very important and should be paid attention to when buying fishing lines.

Tensile strength is usually based on the following three criteria: the type of fishing you use, the weight of the fish you catch, and the water area you plan to fish.

Accordingly, you can ask the salesman’s advice to choose the most suitable type. Don’t worry! The high-quality fluorocarbon can be used in any weather condition.

How to choose fishing line fluorocarbon


One interesting feature that we really like about the fluorocarbon lines is its high invisibility.

To increase your fishing success, you should use the line that matches the color of the water you are in. Of course, keep an eye out for the time because the color of the water can change as the sun goes down.


The sensitivity makes it easy to sense whether the fisher has caught the fish or not. This allows you to adjust the ropes when anything happens under the water. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should use highly sensitive fishing lines.

Abrasion Resistance

High abrasion resistance is a feature that any fluorocarbon lines have. The line is made of metal, so you can be assured of their performance and longevity. You can use them in bumpy areas without worry.


In the manual section, there are usually two lines of string indicating the length and weight of the string.

  • Fluorocarbon fishing lines include many different lengths. Depending on the depth of the water level (typically from 25 yards to over 600 yards), you can choose accordingly.
  • The weight measurement is a number that represents the amount of pressure that the line can withstand. Don’t be mistaken for the weight of your fish.


In conclusion, we hope you have a good understanding of how to choose fishing line fluorocarbon. Let the fishing trips be your most relaxing and restful days.

If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment section below, we will assist you as best we can.

Have a nice day!

The best mid-tier youth baseball gloves

best mid-tier youth baseball gloves

In sport, in general, or Baseball, specifically, players always need well-performance gear in order to enhance their skill.

While most newbies tend to pay their enthusiasm on how to improve their swing by searching for the most suitable baseball bat. They just do not emphasize that half of the game is based on how to catch the ball right, which requires a perfect baseball glove.

Many sports companies have produced so much type of gloves that it sometimes can even confuse a pro player. A wide variety of designs in many different price tier could be an inescapable maze for buyers.

Well, is here to introduce you to one magnificent youth baseball glove in the mid-tier price range, which could be your perfect supporter in your training process of mastering this ball game, namely NOKONA ALPHA YOUTH BASEBALL GLOVE.


NOKONA ALPHA YOUTH BASEBALL GLOVE is a high-quality product from a reputable glove maker in the United States, which I personally suggest that this glove should be top 1 in the leaderboard of youth baseball gloves list.

That the perfect buffalo hide with other same-endurable kinds of leathers combined together creates a soft, comfy glove that provides excellent ball-feeling for players.

Its producer, NOKONA, revealed that they have skilfully applied the ‘T-pocket’ technology, which creates advantages for a player in many specific ball scenarios such as pop files, or fielding grounders. It is a powerful, sturdily side-kick with special skill to put on your hand in an intense baseball match!


What we personally like about this equipment:

There is one property in every NOKONA product for which made this brand renowned is its substance. You can use this product through time with the least decrease in the comfortable feeling and performance these gloves could bring.

Another benefit is that NOKONA YOUTH BASEBALL GLOVE is specially designed for the small-hand player.

It could minimize the struggle with ball-feeling from the small hand by using special finger slots and a smaller wrist opener that really supportive for players who require a tight-fit glove to maximize their possibility of catching the ball from the first try.

Potential drawbacks:

Even a coin has its head and tail, NOKONA youth baseball glove user has to deal with many glove markers on their hand after putting off the glove. Another deterrent is that the price of this product is quite prohibitive.

(This product is suitable for players who prefer the quality to the number on its price tag, another important note is that amazon is temporarily limiting their oversea shipping due to increasing demand in the USA, so be careful in calculating the shipping time if you are not from the USA, our advice is that you should search for the 3rd parties who have their expertise in ordering product oversea, you may cost them a small amount of service cost, but the shipping would be more secured)