Dos And Don’ts When Camping With Dogs

tips for camping with dogs

Desiring of a short getaway from the stress of everyday life? Want to catch a breath of nature by camping out? Still don’t want to leave your furry friend alone at home? Taking your dogs along seems to be the best way to achieve both of them.

But, the wild itself is unpredictable, and so are our furry companions. From my experience, camping with dogs is not an easy deal at all. Before you pack up and head out, here are some dos and don’ts that you might need to know.


Bring a Dog Flotation Device

To prevent any odds that could happen to your precious, always prepare a floatation device for your dog.

Chill Out and Settle In

Most of us prefer to use the same tent for most outdoor activities, whether it’s backpacking, hiking or cycling. Since we want to do one of these activities with our dogs, we should consider tents that can fit us and our dogs.

The best tents for camping with dogs are the ones that have a big space and a high roof, especially if you have a big dog.

Another factor you should think about is the rain fly. The rain fly gives better control of the inside condition of the tent. The two rain flies’ tent is the ideal tent if you ask. When you need more air, you just need to let the rain fly open. If it’s too cold, just simply zips it up.

Carry a collar with a name tag

Make sure your dog carries a name tag with your address, and phone number on it (or even carries a chip will be an advance). Therefore, if your furry baby suddenly runs off your sight, you can always hope to find him/her back.

A collar with light would be even more useful, especially at night time.

Always keep your dog leashed

Every dog can lose itself for a deer or a chipmunk. While in the wild, a sturdy leash would be really handy. It helps you to hold your dog’s horses back for a few seconds before you can cool him/her down.

Pack a doggie backpack

Include your dog regularly needs like blankets, leashes, bowls, toys, brush, medications, first aid to the doggie backpack.

Don’t forget to choose the lightweight one for day hikes. Remember, nothing is extra when it comes to camping—better preparation better experience.


All the safety guidelines had been put up for some reason. A smart way is always to follow the safety guidelines of where the campground is.

Take Dog Food and Water

Having your dog exhausted and fading out in the middle of the hike, or your pal gets a runny tummy after drinking from the suspicious water source or eating unknown food. What is worse?

Bring plenty of water and lightweight food is a must to keep the fun going.


Do Not Leave the Dog Out

I know you love your dog so much that you just want him/her to enjoy the natural breath freely. But, there shouldn’t be too much freedom. Why?

Even though most wildlife doesn’t like to approach noisy campers and prefer stays away from the camping area, there’s always a chance you might bump into an animal who won’t be pleased to see your dog. So it’s better if you keep your dog close to your heart (I mean inside the tent).

Do Not Leave a Mess

After enjoying what mother-nature gives us, please show some respect.

It means you should always carry poop bags along with you, clean after your pet, and do not leave even a single mess.

Never leave your dog unattended in a hot tent.

I am sure the types of tents for camping with dogs that you chose are a great tent. If not, you can refer to this article on choosing the best tents when camping with your dogs. However, do not leave your paw pal unattended in a hot tent alone.

Nothing is predictable in the wild. Anything could go wrong, so as your dog. The last thing you want to happen to your dog during camping is for him/her to get burnt.


Just like humans, dogs need activities to stay active, release their energy, and be adventurous. Camping is a perfect way for both humans and dogs to achieve that.

With best tents for camping with dogs, follow dos and don’ts for safety awareness, sun shines, and fresh air are awaiting us.