How Do You Get Dark Stains out of Hardwood Floors? – Useful Tips for You

Wooden floors are beautiful but not easy to deal with, especially when they get dark stains on.

However, it is not impossible to clean those stains out of your floor. Today, we will be showing you exactly how to get dark stains out of hardwood floors quickly and successfully.

Keep on reading to find out how to do that!

What causes dark stains spots?

There are so many reasons that cause dark stains on your floors, and being aware of what causes those stains can help us know how to take dark stains out of wood floors easier.

In general, dark stains can be caused by humans, babies, or even pets.


If you have pets in your home, you will probably know that it is such a hard task to keep your floor clean, shine, and stainless.

Pet’s pee is one of the most common reasons that destroy the polish look of your floors.

It is ok if we clean the pee right when our pets “finish” the work.

However, if we leave the pee on the floor for so long until it dries out, dark stains will form.

When the dark stains are there on the hardwood floor, they will be harder to clean off.


Babies can cause dark stains the same way as pets – their pee.

If you let your baby crawling on the floor and do not know when he or she pees, then dark stains can also be formed when you do not clean it right away.

Many parents say that not only their babies but also their toddlers destroy the floor by drawing and dropping ink on the floor whenever they try to draw something.


Even though we adults are more careful with our beautiful wooden floors, we might sometimes drop some coffee or tea on the floor, causing black stains.

If the owners like to have home parties frequently but are lazy to clean up the mess right away, drinks like coke, beer, and liquid can also form stains if they are poured on the floors.

As you can see, there are just so many reasons that cause stains.

How to get dark stains out of hardwood floors?

Preparation: What You Need for the Cleaning

Now that we know the most common reasons that cause stains on our wooden floors.

And, how can we remove them and make the floors clean and shine again?

First, let’s check what we should prepare before knowing how to get dark water stains out of hardwood floors!

Those are the tools and products you must have:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: This one is the most important thing
  • Cloth-head mop
  • Water
  • Some small pieces of cloth: Each piece of cloth will be put on each stain or dark areas, so make sure you prepare enough of them.
  • Vinegar
  • Gloves

That’s all you need. Now let’s get started!

Step 1: Clean the Floor

Dirty floors that are full of dust or sand will lower the results of your cleaning process. So, make sure you clean the floor carefully before doing anything else.

As we asked you to prepare a cloth-head mop and water above, use them to clean your wood floor and let it dry before you move to the next step.

You can use a normal floor cleaner if you wish, but it is not necessary. Water and a mop are enough for this step.

Step 2: Clean with Vinegar

If you search online to know how to get dark urine stains out of hardwood floors, people may say this step is not so important.

However, we recommend you do this step, especially when your floor has really dark and long time stains.

First, wear gloves to protect your hands, then soak the cloths into vinegar and apply it in the stains for around 10 minutes.

The stains will not go away, but you can see them become lighter. This step will make the dark stains lose, and it will be easier for your next activities.

Step 3: Clean with Hydrogen Peroxide

This is the most crucial step in our cleaning process. You will be using other pieces of cloths to soak in Hydrogen Peroxide and again put them in the stains.

To keep the substant wet during the whole time for the best results, you can wrap those cloths on plastic and put something on top of them to keep the plastic from moving or flying away.

Depending on how hard the stains are., you can leave the cloths on the floor longer or shorter. In general, you can leave them there for around eight hours or more.

If you do it at night, it will be even better and more convenient because you can leave the pieces of cloth there and remove them the next morning.

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Step 4: Clean with Mineral Spirits

Most of the time, cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide is enough to remove the stain out of your wooden floor.

However, in many cases, the dark pee stains are so dark, and they do not go away 100% after using Hydrogen Peroxide.

In this case, you have to learn how to get dark pee stains out of hardwood floors with mineral spirits’ help.

To clean the stains with mineral spirit, soak a mop into it and run the mop back and forth in the dark area until you see the stains go away. Do not lean it off so quickly.

Useful Tips You Should Know

Now we are done with the step-by-step guide, and we also have some other tips to inform you about how to get dark pet stains out of hardwood floors because those dark pet stains are tough to deal with.

#1: Swipe the Pee and Other Dark Water Right Away

It is crucial to keep an eye on your pets and make sure you always clean their dirt right away before it dry.

And the same with our water stains, if you or your family member drop some coffee, tea, or ink on the floor, do not leave it there for so long.

#2: Keep Your Pets and Babies Away from the Cleaning Chemicals

This tip is for safety. We recommend you do the cleaning when you are home alone.

The best time to do it is at night before your whole family goes to sleep because there will not be anyone walking back and forth on the cleaning area often.

If you clean the floor when your kids and pets are home, make sure you inform your toddlers not to walk into the area and if you have infants, keep them in another room.

It is also important to keep your pets away by leashing them or putting them in a room or a cage until you are done with the cleaning process for their own safety.


After showing you the answer to the question: how do you get dark stains out of hardwood floors?

Including step-by-step and some useful tips, we think you now know how to clean and keep your wooden floor shine again.

The process is not super hard to do, and you will be successful if you follow every step we’ve provided.