How to Make a Natural Ground Blind for Deer Hunting

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Are you fed up with the tedious traditional way of deer hunting? The following article on how to make a natural ground blind will give you a new outlook.

Deer hunting is considered a favorite sport in many countries. Deer hunting has existed for thousands of years for many different purposes. They hunt deer not only for food but also because many species of deer destroy crops.

Deer hunting for many purposes

There are many useful ways for deer hunting. Normally, people will use racks to hunt deer or plant trees that deers like. This will attract the attention of the deer and help hunters or photographers approach the prey more easily.

I am also a follower of deer hunting. Previously, my friends and I went into the forest and built “fortresses” to approach them. We used many ways to hunt, such as using racks, walking along the streams to search or digging holes to trap, or using some types of crossbows – silent and powerful. There are even hunters who use hunting dogs for deer hunting. However, if you want to take photos then this is not a perfect choice.

Until now there are many modern means for us to do this job. However, one way that professional hunters are fond of using is to build natural blinds – what I once called a “fortress”.

This way, you can approach the deer as closely as possible to hunt or capture stunning photos.

Blinds can be made naturally or you can buy them on the market. However, they are being marketed at a price that is not very affordable for you. Moreover, deer can recognize the scent of these ready-made blinds  And especially, they have many inconveniences in moving. In my experience, I recommend building a natural blind.

So How To Make A Natural Ground Blind For Deer Hunting

blind curtain with dry tree

Blind curtain with dry tree

First, you need to find young plants or bushes. Then use hemp or jute to tie them in. This job will take you an hour. However, you will be surprised at the miraculous uses that these natural blinds bring as they do not emit a scent that can make the deer alert

This is how I applied the natural ground blind for deer hunting. Before hunting, I went into the forest and built a natural ground blind with young trees.

This is the way of the natural blind grounded man that I used. Before hunting, I went into the forest and set up blinds with young trees. On the surface of the blind, I covered with straw to avoid being detected. Remember that when standing in the “fortress”, you need to wear clothes that resemble its colors so that the deers cannot detect you.

Setting up a natural blind curtain to hunt deer is simple if you are an experienced person. If you are a beginner, it will take some time to get used to this job.

One Of The Best Ways To Hunt Deer Is To Build Curtains

I enjoy hunting deer with this natural blind curtain. I have had great photos approaching them undetected. Such a great experience! I also took a picture of my friend waiting so close to the deer and his Barnett jackal crossbow. He was so excited when I reviewed it!

As I told you before, the ground blinds are wonderful tools for enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. And one more thing is that it is very cheap compared to other forms.

I recommend that you build ground blinds at least two days before you go hunting. Because you can leave a trail and the deer may discover it. Moreover, once your blinds have been built. However, some hunters do this within a day.

Let’s Wrap Up

So I do believe that now the question “how to make a natural ground blind for deer hunting” can not bewilder you anymore  It’s very simple, isn’t it? Right now, you can plan to go to the forest and choose the most suitable foothold to start hunting.

If you find my article helpful, please share or comment below. Wish you have moments of interesting hunting.