Tips for beginners to play table tennis well

If you are a beginner in the sport of table tennis, then some tips to be able to play better are essential for you. Here are some of our tips to help you improve your playing skills.

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  1. Choose a paddle that’s right for you

To play well and progress quickly for beginners, it is very important to choose a suitable paddle, to choose the right paddle you can refer to this guide about the best paddles for beginners to choose the most suitable one.

In addition, other items and tools are also quite necessary for new players, here are some necessary tools for you to play and practice table tennis.

  1. How to hold the paddle racket properly

The next thing you need to pay attention to is how to hold the racket properly and is suitable for new players. There are different ways to hold the paddle for the player, but we recommend the shakehand grip for beginners. And you have to hold the right style right from the start to avoid mistakes that are difficult to correct later.

  1. Learn to serve well

Next is learning how to serve the ball. Serving is the first thing to learn because you will often serve in a match. And a good serve will get you the fastest score.

For beginners you do not need to learn many different ways of serving, you should focus on learning a single-serve to be able to master it.

  1. Master the basic forehand and backhand shots

After you have done well at serving, the next thing is to get used to receiving the incoming opponent’s ball with two basic moves, forehand and shakehand. With these moves, it is also important moves by beginner players as well as professional players.

So with these moves, you have to practice well from the beginning as well as when you play professionally.

  1. Before playing you should warm up to avoid injury

People are often subjective in warming up before playing table tennis. But this will lead to the player may be injured during the game. So you must know the warm-up exercises for this sport before playing.

  1. Practice a lot of easy skills first

For any player when playing sports in general, a lot of practice is indispensable. No one can be good without a lot of practice. So you have to arrange a reasonable time to be able to practice as well as practice a lot with this table tennis game.

  1. Looking for a practice buddy or a club

Another and quite effective way is to find a friend to practice with or a club to exchange, learn from experience as well as practice more. You will learn a lot from those who already know how to play well. here you will get more people to teach you skills.

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With the tips that we recommend to you, the trick that you need to pay attention to make the fastest progress is the practice tip. You should practice as much as you can to make the fastest progress. The duration can be 2-3 hours per day or more.

Wish you will make progress in learning to play table tennis and if you have any questions, please comment below so we can know and discuss.