Tips for using hot tubs in cold climate

It’s winter outside?

If you decide to drain your hot tub and set it to the “hibernation mode”, this post is not ideal for you. If soaking in hot water is still enjoyable to you, keep on reading as we will be giving you some useful tips for using hot tubs in winter, especially outdoor ones. These tips will help to keep your equipment in good working condition for many years to come.

Get a good cover

If you have already had the best hot tub designed for cold winter, investment in a good cover is a wise choice.

Not only can a cover prevent debris and leaves from falling in, but it also keeps cold air out, which can hardly be done by an old cover.

A good cover acts like a lid that keeps the heat locked inside the hot tub. In hot weather, water evaporates quickly, leading to more heat loss. In cold winter, the cold air out makes heat loss more serious, and the heater might have to work overtime.

When you choose a cover, keep in mind that it must be waterproof, and snuggly fit to create a tight seal. It would be better if featured a thick layer of insulation to better prevent heat loss.

Keep the water clean

Keeping the hot tub water clean in winter is necessary as you will have fewer chances to drain and refill it than in summer.

The best method is to require a quick rinse before entering, of course for everyone including you. Besides, remind them to keep out of lotions, soap residues before using the hot tub.

Set a wise soaking time

When the weather is terrific, you tend to enjoy an extra-long soak. A rule of thumb is that spending 20 minutes in a hot tub is enough. A longer soak might cause negative effects on your skin.

Monitor the water level

In winter, water in your jacuzzi evaporates more quickly than it does in summer. If the water level drops lower than the skimmer level, the circulation might stop.

Hence, keep an eye on this and make sure that the circulation always works properly. You can set the reminder to check the water level once every few days or right after one’s soaking.


Above are some tips for using hot tubs in cold weather. Soaking in winter is fun and worth trying with your friends. Let me know if you have more tips to share!