10 Important Facts About Bearded Dragons

Nowadays, bearded dragons are famous pets in the internet era. their ‘smiling’ pictures were shared on social networks and youtube; beardies are shared by doing all the weird and hilarious things.

BeardieCan Change Sex

Definitely yes. beardie can change their gender. now, this is not on the command, that’s not what your man will do, but it still happens.

Hawaii Prevent This

You can find bearded dragon breeders in whole states in America without Hawaii. 49 out of 50 states where you can keep a bearded dragon for pets.

Bearded Dragon Waved

I am so excited when seeing it. you will wonder about this, they just raise their hand and start waving. Why do they do that?

When they are together, the beardies immediately tried to build a social order.

There will be someone with a remarkable beardie, which asserts himself above everyone.

And you know, waving hands is a way of showing submission without violence or aggression.

They Are New In Us

While beardies are amazingly famous pets, they are generally new in the united states.

They weren’t acquainted with us until the 1990s.

It’s interesting that another creature can turn out to be so broadly adored in such a short measure of time.

I additionally think that its odd that new pets are being found these days.

This is genuinely an exceptionally enormous world that is still brimming with unfamiliar things!

Produce Venom

Beardies have been found to discharge an exceptionally mellow venom.

Although it’s innocuous to people, it’s dangerous for normal bugs.

So before enjoy beardie time, you need to come clean with them.

Run On 2 Legs

Despite the fact that our flaky little companions regularly hurry around down on the ground, they can run on simply their rear legs!

Because they can’t control their own internal heat levels, standing fully operational on two legs uncovered a greater amount of their body to the air as they run.

This keeps them cooler along these lines empowering them to run for longer separations.

Teeth Can Grow Back

In contrast to their tails, their teeth can develop back, which is so crazy.

This is a customary occasion that occurs in an assortment of circumstances.

At the point when it occurs, the teeth develop directly back.

So on the off chance that you notice a couple of missing teeth on your beardie, never afraid. It will come back instantly!


I am unquestionably not suggesting throwing your beardie in a pool. really, when I have seen them swim, they are continually causing a frantic race to the edge so they can get out.

They Change Color When Shedding

Shedding is something that beardies accomplish for their whole lives.

Because their skin can’t extend or develop, they shed skin and develop new skin to oblige their evolving body.

They Can Sleep In Standing Up

One of the best scenes I really enjoy how our beardie chooses to rest every night.

Now and again they tunnel down in their substrate in a corner.

On different occasions, they twist up in their cover-up. They spread out in their lounger.

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