Badminton Sport Introduction For Beginners

beginners guide to badminton

Badminton is a sport that appeared for a long time and gradually became very popular in the world. Therefore, this Badminton sport introduction information below has a lot of people interested, especially beginners.


The history and development of badminton in the world

The history and development of badminton

The Origin

Badminton is a sport originating from folk games in South Asia and Southeast Asia from about 2000 years ago.

Badminton’s origins date back to the mid 18th century in British India (former British colonies include India and Myanmar), created by a British army officer based in India. In the 60s of the nineteenth century, this game from India was brought to England with many gameplay changes. The first photos show the British adding the net to his traditional badminton game.

The sport is related to ball badminton, the yellow wool ball and racket game originating from Tamil Nadu, and is similar to the Hanetsuki game originating in Japan. Becoming very popular at the British garrison in Poona (now Pune), the game is also known as Poona. In 1867 people began to write down the rules of the game.

In 1873, in England’s Badminton region, the game was popularized by a military officer to the region’s nobility. Since then, Badminton became the badminton sport’s name, which is widely loved throughout the UK.

The development of badminton in the world

In 1874, with the rapid spread of badminton in England, the competition’s first rules were born. In 1877, the laws of the game were finalized and released to the player. In 1893, the first social organization of this sport was established, named Badminton Association of England. In 1899, the All England Badminton Tournament was first conducted by this association and maintained once a year.

In the early twentieth century, badminton began to spread to Asia and America, Oceania, and eventually Africa. With this development, the World Badminton Federation was established as IBF, the headquarters in London. IBF has passed international badminton competition rules that all members must obey.

From the 20s to 40s of the twentieth century, badminton developed strongly in Europe and America in the following countries: America, Denmark.

The International Badminton Federation originally named the International Badminton Federation (IBF), now changed to Badminton World Federation (BWF), was established in 1934 with Canada, Denmark, UK, France, Netherlands, Ireland, New. Zealand, Scotland, and Wales are the founding members. India joined as a subsidiary in 1936. BWF now dominates all badminton activities around the world and organizes international tournaments.

Despite having British roots, world-class badminton players in Europe are mainly from Denmark. On the other hand, Asian countries dominate. Indonesia, Korea, China, and Malaysia, along with Denmark, have been at the forefront of the sport for the past few decades, with China currently the leader in recent years.

3 famous badminton tournaments worldwide

  • World badminton tournament Grand Prix and Grand Prix Gold: Grand Prix and Grand Prix Gold tournaments are famous in the world by the organization scale. The game also plays an essential role in the badminton world village. The prize system includes many sub-prizes distributed around the globe. Many veteran players, excellent players are present in this tournament. They all have a record in the badminton world rankings of the federation. The awards, held annually since 2007, are signed by BWF based on their efforts to find the best racquet award to award. Bonuses $ 50,000 or more (for Grand Prix), and up to $ 120,000 or more (for Grand Prix Golden).
  • The world-famous badminton tournament system Super Series: The famous badminton world tournament in Super Series is no stranger to famous athletes.

The awards are known to an even greater organizational scale than the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Gold Tournaments. This “Super” season was held in 2007. BWFA recognized the Super Series as an official tournament, divided into two levels. The categories are Super Series Premier and Super Series. The only person to complete the entire trophy of this tournament is none other than LinDan, who is China’s No. 1 tennis player and the most significant player in badminton in the world.

  • BWF World Championships System BWF World Championships: A horn and a championship is something every player wants to achieve. BWF World Championships is a badminton dream tournament for many professional players. Because this is the most prestigious tournament in the badminton village, most athletes participating in this tournament want to meet strong opponents to gain more experience; the next goal is to accumulate bonus points to rank up.

Why did badminton become a popular sport?

First and foremost, badminton basics are not difficult to master; Even new players with little or no skills can enjoy their first game and make rapid progress.

To play this sport requires you to have the necessary equipment such as badminton balls, racquets, shoes. These tools are not difficult to find. And if you join a badminton club, then it is easy to borrow or rent the equipment.

It is perfect for your health. Badminton can help you burn 600 to 1000 extra calories per hour as well as test your stamina, flexibility, and mental and physical coordination.

Badminton is a sport suitable for everyone and provides opportunities for people to build close relationships and make new friends.

The benefits of playing badminton

The benefits of playing badminton

Playing badminton regularly will help you improve your health and exercise fitness. Here are some of the advantages of badminton:

  • Sports help the circulatory system in the body to function correctly. Blood circulates throughout the body, providing enough oxygen for vital organs.
  • It helps burn excess calories to fuel muscles and not to form fat.
  • Badminton is fast-paced, requiring players to be flexible. Motivate players to speed up limb movements and brain movements to handle difficult stunts. Improve hand-eye coordination with essential focus.
  • Develop strong muscles, especially leg and arm muscles.
  • It can help you Increase concentration and mental strength, with matches usually lasting for hours.

How to start playing badminton?

If you want to play badminton more seriously than for fun, you might consider joining a local badminton club. This is a great place to improve your skills. Wherever you live, there may be several clubs to choose from, so it should be no problem finding a club in your area, and most are not as specific in terms of the skill level needed to participate.

In terms of costs, participation fees can vary between clubs depending on your facilities and the type of membership you join.


The above information has a relatively complete introduction to badminton. Thereby, we have provided knowledge for those who are just beginning to approach this sport.

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