How to Choose Good Parkour Shoes?


Everyone encompasses a different preference or style. Should you get minimalist shoes or one with a touch more padding? What reasonable grip are you looking for? How much does flexibility really matter? What is better for trails or city running? There’s not one clear and concise answer on what shoe is best.

The exhaustive articles will facilitate your decision which parkour shoes are good for you.

1. Opt for flexible sole with an average thickness

The first and most significant thing you’ll be searching for is that the sole of the shoe. Once you land, you must be ready to feel the bottom. For this, the only real of the shoe must not be skinny and must not be very thick. Although soft and thick may have a cushioning effect, but you’ll lose your balance, which you’d never want to lose. It’s because if you’re unable to regulate your correct position, you’d even be ineffectual to correct parkour moves.

Elegant models feature a sole that’s about 5 millimeters thick. The outsole makes direct contact with the bottom. You should choose the outsole fabricated from vegetable oak pit-tanned leather because it is especially abrasion-resistant and waterproof.

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2. Select light-weight shoes

The weight of your shoe must be light. Although parkour shoes are a touch heavy as compared to regular footwear. But you must try and get shoes as lightweight as possible. Once you wear shoes, you must desire it’s become part of your body. You must not need any effort in lifting your feet. Such a shoe are the correct choice for you.

3. Breathable air mesh

While choosing parkour shoes, ensure your footwear has breathable mesh so it can keep your foot cool and dry. You must keep now in mind when choosing parkour kid shoes because their feet need far more air than of adult ones.

4. Your shoes’ grip must be good

When you are running or jumping from a building, friction must be present to avoid tipping over once you land. Otherwise, you’ll move forward on landing if there’s no friction between your shoes and therefore the ground.

Make sure that the only real of the shoe isn’t entirely flat and encompasses a vertical design or ridges thereon.

Other tips that you simply can use to inform whether a shoe is non-slip are the following:

Check the underside of the footwear – be told if it comes with fine tread design.

Feel the shoe’s sole – except for using your sense of sight, you must also feel the only real of the footwear.

5. Support, flexibility and cushioning should be appropriate

It doesn’t matter what; you’ll be able to never compromise within the comfort of your feet. Ensure that sure shoes can cover your ankle and are comfortable.

Falling is frequent while practice, so a touch little bit of flexibility will prevent you from having damage. The pliability of the soul should even be in between because a tough sole will become an obstacle on uneven ground.

While running, support must be present in your shoes. Otherwise, wearing shoes for just 10 min will cause pain within the sole of your feet.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to come with shoes having good foam density. In contrast, we’ll suggest you decide on shoes with less foam.

6. Select minimal shoes

Minimalist shoes in our experience are far more comfortable than regular trainers. Avoid heels, but if you wish, then it’s up to you because it doesn’t matter that much. Although the flat sole will facilitate you to feel the bottom below your feet with none effort.

7. Durability of shoes

Check for the rubber quality at the underside of the shoes still as material on the highest. Minimalist shoes are more durable; that’s why we recommended them above others. Durability comes with a price, and if you’re searching for cheap shoes, you’ll get rubber shoes. Such shoes usually don’t last long. If possible, get leather shoes with rubber.

8. Opt for the normal cost

It is recommended to shop for monetary value shoes with all the opposite qualities that are mentioned above. it’s because, if you run daily together with your shoe, it won’t last over six months, it doesn’t matter how expensive it’s that shoe. So try to not put an excessive amount of burden on your pocket and choose parkour shoes for a mean price.